How To Get A Record Deal

Many rappers and singers have big dreams and goals.

They want to share their music with the world, or live their dream of being famous, or improve the lives of their families and themselves by making money as a star!  And it’s all possible.

The music industry is a tight-knit, closed community and getting in has always been a challenge.  It’s not your fault. This is a “who you know” business.  It’s not like you can Google connections or ask your friends to find legitimate people willing to help you.  This book changes everything!  How To Get A Record Deal offers the truth about how to get discovered to become a star in the music world.

Wendy Day has 24 years of experience with building successful artists’ careers, shopping record deals, and then negotiating great deals that lead to long, successful careers.  Look at some of the deals she has had her hand in: Eminem, Master P, Cash Money Records, Lil Wayne, Boosie, Webbie, MGK, Trouble, David Banner, C-Murder, Twista, Do Or Die, BG, Juvenile, and many, many others.

Wendy wrote How To Get A Record Deal because she was tired of reading incorrect articles on blogs and websites, and hearing people on YouTube give bad advice or wrong information about how to help YOU build a successful career in music.  The internet has become open season on misinformation and lying to artists and it’s nearly impossible to know who is genuine and authentic.  So Wendy decided to change all that and offer affordable accurate information from someone who has found, shopped, and negotiated record deals for artists who have been successful in those deals she orchestrated.

This book first hit the streets in a digital-only format in 2011 and has been recently updated for 2016.

2016 Cover

How To Get A Record Deal (2016 Version) is available digitally at Amazon and iTunes